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Burmese Teak is from Union of Myanmar, has a uniform golden brown without markings, grain is usually straight to slightly wavy, Texture is coarse, uneven and oily to the touch. It is very durable Susceptible to insect attack, extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

True Burma teak has a uniform dark golden-brown heartwood, free from markings and darkens to a mid to dark brown on exposure. Most teak is a dark golden-yellow. The grain is typically straight but sometimes wavy, with a coarse, uneven texture and an oily feel. Teak is considered by many to be the ultimate wood. It is very durable, great to work with, finishes well and is very attractive. In recent years it has become increasing challenging to source due to, understandable and vital, restrictions on how it is harvested. Teak is therefore expensive compared to other durable hardwoods but some would argue that is worth the investment for its superior quality. Often used for high-end furniture for both interior and exterior use, plus for decking and cladding.

Teak is a hard, medium-density wood, strong and durable. Teak is naturally acid and fire-resistant. The wood is relatively easy to work with both hand and machine tools but does have a blunting effect on tools due to its silica content. It can be brought to a good finish and paints, varnishes, oils and stains well.

Burmese Teak is extensively used in ship and boat building for decking, rails, hatches, etc. Furniture and cabinet making, flooring, garden furniture, fume ducts, laboratory benches, decorative veneers, office furniture joinery, kitchen cabinets etc.

Properties of Burmese Teak – Medium bending and high crush strength, low stiffness and resistance to shock, fissile and brittle with great dimensional stability, moderate steam bending characteristics.

We offer Burmese Teak of following Grades

1.      Quarter Cut Sawn lumbers

2.      FEQ [First European Quality]

3.       MEQ [Middle East Quality]



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FEQ (First European quality)

First European Quality (FEQ) is a quality standard for teak. As per the official definition, an FEQ teak is a teak with no knots, cracks, sapwood or insect holes. It is the highest graded wood within teak and finds effective use in European countries. With uniformity across its four faces, FEQ teak stripes exhibit a quarter, crown, grain, grainless or semi type. It is commonly used in the marine industry for yacht or boat building. It is also used to manufacture furniture and in outdoor decking.

MEQ (Middle eastern quality)

Middle East Quality (MEQ) is also a quality standard for teak. As per the official definition, an MEQ teak is a teak with one or two defects in the form of saps or knots. It is usually exported to the Middle Eastern countries.

With uniformity across one face, MEQ teak stripes exhibit either a grain or a grainless type. It is commonly used in buildings or construction industry.

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