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Reclaimed Teak

Why Reclaimed Teak?

The goal is to provide the highest quality reclaimed teak hardwood without causing any damage to the environment. We properly utilize 100% reclaimed teak, salvaged from India. This means no trees are cut down as a result of our work. Instead, the wood is saved from structures that would have otherwise been demolished and discarded.

It starts with old growth wood that was harvested 200-300 years ago to build homes in India. As the years pass, the teak wood on the facade of the homes collects a patina that only intense sun and moisture can create.

In the past decade, many of the neighborhoods throughout the India have been razed to make way for newer and more modern buildings. Instead of letting this gorgeous old growth teak go to waste, we purchase it before it can be destroyed. From these stacks of wood, we hand sort, hand sand and create some of the world’s finest reclaimed teak

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